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Featured Artist: Lyle Tuttle

"I was 10 years and two months old to the day when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. All through the war servicemen returning home either on leave or may be discharged from being wounded, many were sporting tattoos. To a kid my age, those tattoos were "hot shit". Those tattoos were living proof of a great adventure, with travel and romance combined. It meant that this guy had been out of the valley, over the horizon and places I had never heard of. WOW! So, that's why tattoos have always been special to me. Tattoos are travel marks, stickers on your luggage. Tattoos are special, you have to go off and earn them. You can go into a jewelry store and buy a big diamond and slip it on your finger and walk out. It's not like that when you go to a tattoo shop and pick a big tattoo and pay for it. Now you got to sit down and take it." ~ Lyle Tuttle