Food Contests

How many slices of pizza can you eat in 20 minutes? How fast can you devour 3 sub sandwiches? How hot is too hot and forces you to “tap out” in a Hot Wings eating contest? Well, here’s your chance to “put up or shut up”. Give it a try. Tons of folks will be on hand to cheer every brave contestant on, and the prizes will be well worth the effort. While the exact schedule and number of sponsors to be involved in 2024 is still being figured out and planned, there will be at least one kick-ass food eating contest on both Saturday and Sunday (times & schedule TBD/subject to change). Like our Tattoo contests, the entry cost for our Food eating contests will be very modest & reasonable, allowing lots of folks to give it a try.

Sign up will be at the Main Stage Entertainment/Merchandise booth. Check it out at the vibrant P.I.A.E pop-up tent for all the details and contest schedule.