Frequently Asked Questions

Our dedicated P.I.A.E 'Ohana is frequently asked questions all the time, and we try our best to answer every one. Some questions are asked all the time. Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions, and their applicable answers. All Artists, Vendors, Attendees and anyone else interested to find out everything there is to know about the ultimate P.I.A.E. Experience can easily do so by simply reading this section. Please do and you'll know as much as we do!

1. Look on our ARTISTS PAGE to check out who's scheduled to attend our show in August 2024 (subject to change, of course.) From there... contact the artist or artists of your choice directly via their Instagram, Facebook or Shop Website page. Most artists will respond, but please remember, that artists tattoo more than they email. If you don't hear back, it's totally normal. Don't by deterred. Most artists like to personally meet you at the show to book an appointment with you right then and there. Another easy way to find an artist's contact info is to simply to Google search their name with the word tattoo after it. For example: Oliver Peck Tattoo.

2. If the above fails... EMAIL US and we will help you get in touch with the artist or artists you hope to work with, but remember that they still may be very busy, even if we try to help you out. This leads us to the last and most sure fire way of getting an appointment...

3. COME TO THE SHOW! This is how 90% of tattoo appointments are set up and confirmed, and how its been since our inaugural Expo in 2012. Most artists really enjoy meeting you and working with you directly to create a dream tattoo for you. If a particular artist is too busy, that's ok...It's normal. Move on, you have over 400+ artists to choose from and many are the best artists in the world. You won't have a problem finding one who fits your vision and your dreams.

Everyone has a different pain threshold. Some people say it feels very mild, while others think it feels more painful. Every person handles it differently. There are creams that will numb the pain if you need it. They are lidocaine based and have been known to remove most of the pain if not all of it during the duration of your tattoo. If you would like to purchase some prior to your tattoo, let us know. We can help point you in the right direction.

Absolutely! In fact, we cater to families by offering a Keiki Zone for the kids. It has painting, bouncy castles, magic and much more to explore and to play (subject to event, time & activity change). Kids 12 and under are always FREE to attend our show with a parent or guardian who has paid admission. We are all parents. It's important that we have a safe and properly supervised place for children to come and to hang out with other Keiki.

Extremely safe! We have an excellent safety record and a fantastic working relationship with the Hawaii Department of Health, and have had so for years. Our artists ONLY use disposable needles and tubes which means it is opened from the sterile package and used ONLY once on the client, and then immediately disposed of properly and safely. We take all steps possible to ensure absolute safe handling at our show as well as inspiring safe practices beyond our show.

Absolutely, and good food too! We realize that most people come to our show with the intention of staying 4-6 hours or more; so we are fully stocked with many different types of food to eat and to enjoy. You will be able to find soft drinks as well as beer, wine & cocktails. We promote safe and responsible drinking so please bring a positive mindset. Remember, there are many kids and families enjoying this event, and our dedicated P.I.A.E 'Ohana won't let the use of alcoholic beverages ruin anyone's time at our show. Food is a big part of our show. Food is a big part of every Pa'ina (party/celebration). It's a cultural thing. It's an 808 Island State thing.

Tattoos in general are pieces of art that will be on you for life. You can find deals at our expo because there are so many artists working; however, most artists charge an hourly rate of $100 and up. Some of the more well-known, if not famous, artists charge $150-200 per hour. Other artists will also offer you a flat cost based upon the complexity of the tattoo regardless of how fast or how long it takes to finish the work. It's also very common and very respectful to tip your artist much like you would anywhere else for exceptional service. 15-20% is appreciated, but that's a decision left to you. Your 1st $30 is knocked off the total tattoo price, courtesy of your P.I.A.E 'Ohana, for purchasing a ticket to our show. This discount is recognized by most, but not all, artists (making your admission for the day totally FREE OF CHARGE, if you decide to get a tattoo at our Tattoo Expo.)

NBC Parking at the venue site is about $10-$15 per day, and at other nearby sites is usually anywhere from $15-$20 per day. We have no control at all over the price of parking as the NBC venue is under contract with a parking company which handles all that stuff. Remember that carpooling, public transportation and ride share options are often much cheaper alternatives. Other expenses to expect are your ticket price of $30 per day, but if you buy a 3-day ticket you will save money on the entire package. We are the most affordable expo in the world. Others are known to charge $50-75 per day. Food & Beverages are another expense and of course so is your new tattoo and merchandise you may get from the artists or vendors and from our famed P.I.A.E. MERCH booths. Whatever money you spend will be well worth it as you enjoy and take in the ultimate P.I.A.E Experience.

We are the most affordable tattoo expo there is. If you go to see any other show or concert on Oahu, it starts at around $25-$35 for a few hours and can go up to $100 or more for 1 show. Other tattoo shows run $40-$75 per day. We currently are $30 per day or $75 for ALL 3 DAYS (subject to change, of course.) Also, the entire price of your entry is deducted from your tattoo with participating artists. This means when you get a tattoo, your $30 one day entry is absolutely FREE.

Our Expo runs around 10-12 hours per day. You are welcome to stay as long or as little as you like, but we are confident that we have many attractions and activities that should keep you around for several hours each day. Most people stay roughly 4-6 hours or longer each day. Below are our current hours (subject to change, of course).

Friday, Aug 2nd: 3pm - 11pm
Saturday, Aug 3rd: 11am - 11pm
Sunday, Aug 4th: 12pm - 6pm

100% yes. You will be able to get exceptional tattoo work done. Absolutely 100% yes. You will be able to come to our expo to see the best tattoo artists in the world as well as from the U.S. Mainland and Hawai'i, each visionary artist creating amazing works of art all weekend long from Friday- Sunday. Piercing will also take place by industry professionals at many booths throughout the Expo floor. Many of these exceptional tattoos, IF not stunning works of original art will be featured in the many LIVE Tattoo Contests throughout each day of the Expo (subject to change).

100% Yes. Our Tattoo & Art show features many clothing vendors, painters, paintings, jewelry, food, cbd products and many other cool items like cupcake makers and more, to include our famed P.I.A.E. MERCH booths. You will also find other vendors who may not be in the tattoo industry, but who have very cool items offered for sale. There are many more artists booths then there are vendor booths, however, you will be able to find something for yourself, guaranteed.

100% Yes. Many famous celebrities come to and attend our expo every year. The tattoo tv stars you see or have seen on LA INK, NY INK, Miami Ink, Black Ink, Tattoo Nightmares & Ink Master, and other tv show and movie stars stop by as well. Tattoos are for everyone. In years past, we have welcomed some of the cast of Hawaii Five-0 and the bad ass cyborg guy from Terminator, as well as lots of local sports legends and others in the local public eye. If you are a "people watcher", P.I.A.E. is the place to be! You can hangout for hours watching our music and entertainment line-up, eat and drink and never even have time to get a tattoo. There's straight-up that much to do every day of our 3-day P.I.A.E show.

NO Patches or Colors or Gang Affiliated Clothing
NO Knives / Weapons Etc.
NO Outside Food & Bev
NO Refunds Or Exchanges
NO Outside Chairs
NO Ins and Outs Unless Smoking
NO Professional Cameras unless approved by PIAE
NO Pets unless registered service animal w/ papers
NO Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
NO Chip on your shoulder, bad and demanding attitudes or big body syndromes.

OK Cell Phones
OK Smoking Outside
OK All Ages Welcome
OK Ages 12 & Under Free
OK Fanny Packs (Subject to security check/inspection)
OK Digital Cameras
OK Disposable Cameras
OK Film Cameras
OK Hats, Beanies, Headware (non gang affiliated)
OK Positive attitudes, caring and appreciative spirits and welcoming mindsets.
After 8 very successful years, at the NBC Exhibition Hall & complex (2012-2019), the Hawaii Convention Center ("HCC") was to become our new Expo home in 2020 (and perhaps beyond). Given the phenomenal success of the Expo at NBC for 8-years, HCC made an offer which the dedicated P.I.A.E 'Ohana simply couldn't refuse. HCC is one of the finest venues in our entire island state, surrounded by famed Waikiki, Ala Moana Center and Beach Park. P.I.A.E. 2020 sold-out months before the show was to debut at HCC on July 31st and August 1-2, 2020. We were "a go" and ready to offer the finest Expo ever, guaranteed. We worked hard for months before the show was to make its HCC debut in 2020 to ensure that it was to be our finest, biggest and most successful show yet. What happened? Easy answer. COVID-19, a Global Pandemic. 'Nuff said but do read our formal Press Release which was issued in May 2020 to more fully explain the situation "back then". This same COVID-19 nightmare literally closed down any and all of our genuine efforts to stage an EXPO in 2021 & 2022 & 2023. Same sad story. Same sad result. BUT, it's now 2024, and P.I.A.E has risen like a Phoenix. Back where it all started & back where P.I.A.E belongs, at the newly refreshed & renovated NBC Exhibition Hall. Join us & let's all soar together!
Unless you've been living under a rock or perhaps in outer-space, you know and can fully appreciate just how financially devastating COVID-19 was to practically every business anywhere in the world. As much as P.I.A.E. was ready and able to stage the 2020 show as one of our finest ever, at a brand-new world-famous venue ("HCC"), the stark reality was Hawaii prevented large gatherings like ours. We couldn't open our doors even though we wanted to, and our formal Press Release Form issued in May 2020 did a great job telling the story as did our COVID-19 Virus FAQ's which we issued prior to being literally forced to cancel the 2020 show. This sensational interactive website, built by one of the best in the business, had already been fully put together and was ready to launch when our 2020 show was cancelled. So, our P.I.A.E. team then had to focus its attention and energy to "converting" the brand-new website from 2020 to 2021 and we did it. We did all of this for each of you. This cycle repeated itself going forward. Updates and revisions were also made to this super informative website in 2022 and 2023 as our dedicated P.I.A.E 'Ohana waited patiently for a date to resurrect our show. Well, that time has come in August 2024. The P.I.A.E. team now focuses solely on our 9th annual Expo and ask all of you to join us! Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, We ask each of you to be part of history. P.I.A.E is back!!!