Featured Artist: Big Gus


Big Gus, a Los Angeles native, is a tattoo artist and the host of Spike TV’s hit TV show “Tattoo Nightmares”. At the age of 5 years old, Big Gus’ mother gave him his first paint brush set, and would always encourage him throughout his childhood to draw, paint, and trace. Growing up in the streets of L.A. around a rough crowd, Big Gus began tagging the Los Angeles Riverbed with his graffiti art. He began tattooing at the age of 14 when gang members noticed and admired his talents and asked him to start inking their members. He started tattooing professionally at age 22 and has become world renown for his specialty — black and grey photorealism. His work has garnered over 300 awards and he has a two year waiting list at his Southern California studio, Art Junkies. His celebrity clientele include football players, motocross riders, rock stars and rappers.