WE'RE BACK!!! SAVE THE DATES - August 2-4, 2024

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After Party + Monday Luau

Every year we throw a night for the artists and the fans to get together and celebrate another year on the books. The tattoos they just got, the tattoos they are going to get, the tattoos they soon won't forget. Its a cheap and easy way to come together, have some drinks, listen to some music and kick back. We do the same on Monday after the show. Check below for all details.


  • THURSDAY NIGHT - TBA as we get closer to show

  • FRIDAY NIGHT - 1st Fridays in Chinatown are off the hook. They block off the street and everyone rages hard. Since there is no reason to compete with an already raging block-party, we recommend you guys experiencing that. We give you a few suggestions of where to party. (coming soon)

  • SATURDAY NIGHT - TBA as we get closer to show
  • SUNDAY NIGHT - As it is for most religions and so it is for PIAE. We grant you a day of rest. After 3 days of nothing but tattooing, we want you to get some rest for MONDAY'S LUAU. If you are an artist, vendor or sponsor and have never been to our beach bbq, you need to change that. Its one the best parts of our show. Free food, drinks and good times.

  • MONDAY BBQ LUAU - This is our way of showing our appreciation to you, the artists, vendors, sponsors and fans who can make it. Free Food, Beer & Spiked Punch down at the beach front. Hundreds attend yearly to get one last moment in with friends and family. We truly look forward to seeing you guys every year and altho you have to go, we encourage you stay a day extra to kick it with us one last time.