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Big Gus

Big Gus

"Growing up in Los Angeles, I was always surrounded by Art. From Graffiti, to murals, Los Angeles is core to Street Art. The streets were my inspiration to my imagination as a young aspiring artist. I began spray painting at 9 years old and tattooing at the very young age of 13. Although this was not professionally, during the upcoming of my career, it gave me the foundation to be the Tattoo Artist I have become today. I was 25 when I got my first publication in ‘Tattoo Magazine’. This was a complete honor of achievement, and by age 28, I had countless publications and awards world wide from my work. Years later, I was requested to be on a show called ‘Tattoo Nightmares’, which blossomed into one of the hit shows on tattooing in the public eye. This put my work to an abundance of world wide presence on television and furthered my career as a successful artist. Today, I currently reside in Orange County, California, at Collective Ink Gallery, with split time at Collective Ink Gallery Northwest in Bremerton, Washington.” 

— Big Gus

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