Takashi Matsuba from Japan

Takashi Matsuba from Japan

Every year we get new artists who exhibit raw talent and humility with their craft. Takashi showed up to our show a few years back only asking for a small riser and space to share his gifts with our community.

In life we have experts of all sorts. In creative realms it is brought down to a focal point where you see experts in these small pockets of creativity. Chefs, shoemakers, photographers and of course, tattooists.

Takashi brings a mixture of styles to the table however his expertise is traditional Japanese Tebori. 

"Tebori tattoos are created by using a metal or wooden rod (a nomi) with a steel needle attached to the end. In Japanese, tebori literally means hand (te-) carving (-bori). Once the ink and the implement are prepared, the artist proceeds to hammer that needle into the skin over and over again. It’s a time-consuming process that usually takes twice as long as it would with a machine. - Sam Slaughter"

We are honored to showcase Takashi and many other artists like him who come from very long distances to be apart of our show. Its always humbling that people choose us every year so to Takashi. Domo Arigato for making PIAE a home every summer.

Below are some excellent photos of Takashi tattooing Anthony Bourdain in a piece written by Sam Slaughter HERE

photo credit: Sam Slaughter

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