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How To Book A Tattoo At PIAE

How To Book A Tattoo At PIAE

You have several ways to book your appt, below are a few options and tips!

1. The first one is by checking our artists on: ATTENDEES which we update daily. On their page it takes you to their instagram and they typically have contact info, if they dont you can DM (direct message) them on there. We will make this easier next year for booking more direct, please bare with us

2. By checking our instagram page which we update always daily and we showcase their artwork.

3. Come to the show and book your artist in person. With over 400+ artists you won't have a hard time finding one however if you want to secure them early contacting them through their social media is always the best. If they dont respond, be patient, they are super busy tattooing daily.

Lastly, if for some reason you cant find a contact, let us know and ill get it for you.

If we can help you more, let us know!


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